Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Day Is It???

What day is it?? HUMP DAAYYYY!!! I'm feeling great today! I already got a morning workout in. Just a small one, but I was up and moving this morning! Some jumping jacks, squats, lunges, a wall sit, and some sit ups! (I broke this in half since I'm not quite there yet on the strength scale lol)

I feel great!! I was up early and we went to the store already today too. My dad gave me a gift card for my birthday so we went shopping! I am very excited about food shopping. I love food. Now I love GOOD food too! I spent a little more than the gift card, but that's okay. I got what I needed :)

Yay! I'm ready to start making my overnight oats now! I also got flax seeds, old fashioned rolled oats, kale, spinach, organic maple syrup, unsweetened cocoa powder, zucchini, bananas, cage free eggs, almond milk, pb2 peanut butter, apples, an onion, avocados, clementines, some Z Bars for Sunnie, and 100% whole wheat bread. I am determined to set myself up for success to lose this weight. So far so good! I am on week 3 of my journey so far and I am feeling so great!! I'm beginning to have much more energy than I did before, I've reduced my intake of processed food by 80%, and I'm drinking lots of water on top of that. I've been getting between 2-3 liters a day on average. I've stopped drinking soda altogether also.

I tried my PB2 powdered peanut butter this morning! You just mix 2 tbsp pb2 with 1 tbsp water and mix until smooth! I put that on my 100% whole wheat swirl bread today! Which means I've only had 5g of sugars! 2 tbsp of PB2 has 45 calories vs 180 from regular peanut butter which has tons of fat, oil and sugars in it. A lot of blah to bring you down.

I'm making Chicken Avocado Burritos for dinner tonight! I will be making enough so that I can take some for lunch tomorrow too. I have all kinds of yummy recipes and workouts on my Pinterest so feel free to take a gander and check that out as well!

My scale comes in today! I bought one for pretty cheap off of Amazon. I think it was like $14.99 or somewhere around there. Although I won't be using it every day (as tempting as that will be) I am still going to weigh myself once a week and see how I'm doing just so I can keep up on the fat loss. Once I start getting closer to my goal weight, I won't be as worried about the number on the scale since I will be gaining muscle at the same time that I'm losing weight. Toning up my body and such. :) I am going to weigh myself on Friday mornings that way I keep it consistent.

I worked out my arms and shoulders yesterday like nobody's business! Lots of dumbbell exercises and push-ups! I'm trying not to use any of the machinery at the gym because I am the machine! I am using my own body weight and the help of some free weights, to do my strength training. I will be working on my abs today as well as my lower back to get those muscles toned and strong!

This is a strange transition for Sunnie too as he is used to eating a ton of processed food also, he loves Doritos and Ramen noodles which neither of those are healthy for you so I don't buy them anymore. His dad does so he eats that when he goes over there, but at our house, we are only eating healthy food that will give you energy and is good food for your body!!

So far my biggest challenge is telling people that I can't eat what they made because it's not something that is good for me. Trying to come up with a nice way to say "uh sorry I can't eat that" without them getting offended is going to be hard. I don't want them to think that I think they eat like crap, but at the same time, I don't want to put bad things into my body! I don't want to eat the high sodium taco seasoning and beef, I would rather eat my chicken and avocados, I don't want spaghetti and meatballs, I want spaghetti squash and broccoli...Any suggestions for that? I know honesty is key, but I don't want to be rude at the same time. I'm trying to make my meals at home now so that I have an excuse to not go anywhere most days, that way I'll have my healthy lunch the next day or 2 also!

Gotta load up on healthy snacks so I'm not scarfing down a bunch of food when I get home, although I have been doing really well with that since I'm drinking so much water! I try to eat a little something every 2 hours that way it keeps my metabolism up throughout the day and my body isn't starving in between my meals!

I will be showing you pictures of my meals also that way you can see how I make them and how delicious they look! haha

Well, until next time guys!

Comments, questions, concerns??

Feel free to leave them below!

Love ya!


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