Friday, January 15, 2016

The End of Week Three!

That's right! Tomorrow marks the end of my week 3! It is day 17 for me out of 367!! (I started before the new year)  I am proud to announce that I am 3 Lbs lighter than last week! My weight last week was 177.8 booooooo!!!! But this morning I weighed myself and I am 174.4!!! This really is paying off! I'm going to the natural food market on my lunch break and picking up some things there. I'm trying to get my son to eat healthier foods too, that way he grows up with a healthy mind and body on top of that. Especially since he is in martial arts and baseball, and now wants to start playing hockey. Healthy fuel for a healthy lifestyle!

Reilynn is now 4 months old! We are so excited! She's growing so fast and getting so big! Her appointment was yesterday and she was 12 lbs 2 oz and 25" long. She can't start solids until she's 13 pounds, so it looks like we're waiting! She's just a puny little thing! haha

I love dressing her up in these cute outfits!

That was this morning :D

Okay last one. They are my whole world and I love them both very much!!! There's just something about a big brother and little sister that you have to see to believe how amazing it is. I have 6 sisters, and no brothers so I didn't get to experience that first hand, but I get to see it with my kids and it makes my heart smile to see this.

Anyway moving along!

I had a delicious breakfast this morning! I made Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats!! They were super delicious! Mine doesn't quite look like the picture though...

Oh well. They were still yummy. I am making this again for my breakfast tomorrow since I still have the rest of a can of pumpkin left!! It's been almost 2 hours since I've eaten them and I'm still full. I also drank 4 cups of water since getting to work at 8 this morning too, so that might have something to do with it, but that's perfectly fine too!

I kind of slipped up last night and ate meatloaf at my friend Sara's house. Had a small enough portion to stay under my calorie goal for the day, but I'm feeling a little sluggish today. It's amazing how just one unclean meal can ruin the whole day the next day. But that's okay. I'm back on the horse today. Yee Haw!

I was going to take a break from working out today, but decided against it. I will be doing some ab workouts when I get home tonight. I have been worried about my legs and arms the past few days, but my abs need some lovin too!! Especially after having Reilynn only 4 months ago. I need to keep working on my abs so my muscles go back to normal faster. Now is the time to tone up those muscles since they are going back to their normal position and the more I work on them, the faster they will contract, and the more toned up they'll be!!

Here is a YouTube video for a 10 minute ab workout. Just in case you wanted to give it a try! And I also have more work outs on my Pinterest as well if you would like to try them.

What a great day that will be!!! To realize that I finally don't have to suck it in anymore. It's a slow process. Oh lord is it slow. I mean it's been almost a month and I honestly don't even really know my starting weight since I used an inaccurate scale the first time I weighed myself, But if I had to guess, I started at 180 lbs. 5 lbs more than I thought I did. but that means I am losing 2 lbs a week like I wanted to...I am now 174.4 instead of 180. I don't really feel like anything is happening, but the number on the scale is going down, so that means that something is happening!! It's only been almost 3 weeks. I will not give up. I keep looking in the mirror to see anything happening, and so far I haven't really noticed anything. It's very discouraging.

I'm frustrated. But this is only the beginning. One day at a time. That's it. One tiny little day.

I am a little over 2 weeks from posting my progress pictures. I am nervous because I really don't think much has changed, but I will have to post them side by side and see what changes to my body there have been. The number on the scale is moving, so that must be a sign that SOMETHING is happening. Even if it's just a little bit of something. In 6 months I will really be able to tell a difference, I mean I'm only 5 months and a week away from that! I'm almost a month into this!!

I only have 350 more days to go. I know I said I would give myself 18 months to lose the weight, but I'm going to set a new goal based on the weight that I've lost in the past month which is 5.6 lbs, to lose all 55 lbs that I want to. I know I said I would be satisfied with a year and a half, but I think that a year will be plenty of time to lose 55 lbs. If I lose at least 5 lbs a month, I will make it in 11 months. Not even a year.

Clean eating is the trick that I've learned. Don't starve yourself. Just eat clean, and train hard.

Remember, drink your water, don't eat those cookies, work out, get some sleep, and be happy!!

One day at a time.

Comments, questions, or concerns?

Feel free to leave them below!



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