Monday, January 11, 2016

I Think I Can!

People ask me once they start seeing me lose weight, what I do, what's my secret?? There really and truly is no secret. It is what it is. It is 70/80% diet 20/30% exercise, and when I say diet, I mean what you eat. Don't restrict yourself from eating or you'll set yourself up for failure. What people don't get a lot of the time, is that you have to go on some crazy fad diet, and I was one of those people too for a long time. The other mistake I made, and I know most people make this one too, is that I expected results overnight. That's impossible. Unless you have all of the fat sucked out of your body and skin tightening surgery all in one, its not gonna happen. It's a slow process. That's what I'm learning too.

The scale was not what I hoped it would be on Friday, but there were a few variables from the last time I weighed myself: a different scale, it was on a hard surface vs the carpet, and in the evening vs the morning. Although I should have weighed myself in the morning, this scale was more accurate. I'm further from my goal weight than I thought. I'm already seeing and feeling small differences. I don't depend on coffee in the morning to wake me up anymore! I'm okay with a cup of tea and my water. My stomach has actually flattened a little bit and I'm not as bloated. I'm eating so much better than I have been in the past. I'm getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that I need throughout the day, its helping me sleep better to not have all sorts of processed food. I still am eating some processed stuff, just not nearly as much as I was a few weeks ago. The time will go by that you are wanting to lose weight whether you do it or not, you choose to put food into your mouth. It's up to you what you put in there.

You can eat healthy and it can still be delicious too!! I've found so many recipes online and mostly on Pinterest. I know I've talked about her before, but her name is Catherine. She has her own blog and Pinterest account too. Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth is its name! She lost 80 lbs in 10 months by eating better and exercising. And she weighed more than I do! She has so many tips and recipes, many which I have pinned as well, and helps keep you motivated!

I don't want to use the scale very much during this journey I'm on. It's seriously the devil. Muscle weighs more than fat, and you fluctuate so often with your weight that a scale is not the greatest tool to use. It helps give you an idea of how you're doing every so often, but go by how your clothes fit rather than the number on the scale. It's kind of cliché, but I seriously have an old pair of pants that I used to fit into hanging on my closet doorknob staring at me in my face every day telling me to stay on track and keep going. My bridesmaids dress is hanging on the back of my bedroom door in the bag so I see it every day too reminding me that I need to fit into it in a year and to keep on track too. If that's not enough, on Saturday, I'm going to find a bridesmaids dress for another wedding that I'm in in June! So the more I stay on track, the happier I am going to be.

I'm already not nearly as bloated as I was 2 weeks ago when I started this new lifestyle! I haven't been eating empty carbs or snacking a ton. I've been doing really well keeping myself on track. I'm very impressed with myself. I haven't stuck with something this long....well, ever really, so this is a good sign that I'm not going to give up. I would always get down to about 145 and then rebound and gain all the weight I lost back, well not this time!! This time I'm really going to do it. And I have a commitment to all of you to finish what I started. 3 weeks from today I am posting progress pictures for you all to see. Once a month I will post the pictures, along with my weight. What changes have you made?? Maybe you took the stairs instead of the elevator today! Good for you. Maybe you parked further away from the door so you had to walk farther!

Every little bit counts. Now let's talk recipes!! I've made and tried some yummy ones over the past few days. Thursday I had all natural ground turkey lettuce wraps with my friend Stephanie who's wedding is in a year, well less than a year now! We used butter lettuce for the wraps. Then ground turkey, all natural mozzarella cheese, and diced tomatoes. Yumm!

Friday my son was sick at home from school :( I made him some chicken noodle soup. I had a couple slices of fresh  pineapple and a banana for lunch and I was full!

 Then I made 2 ingredient pancakes for dinner. I made it 5 ingredients though lol along with the banana and eggs, I  added a little cinnamon, a teeny bit of vanilla, and honey. Check out my Pinterest for the recipe. Rebecca Miller SpeedBinder. I made them again for my breakfast on Saturday. The whole batch is 250 calories so seriously pig out on those things!

I then made banana chia seed pudding for a snack. Yum!!! That's on my Pinterest as well.

Saturday night I made this delicious masterpiece!! Spaghetti squash with chicken, broccoli, garlic, and cheese! Can you say aahhhhmazing?! Low carb deliciousness that I indulged myself with. Granted I only had about a cups worth of the whole meal before I was full, but that's okay! Abs are made in the kitchen after all.

 I'm going to start making overnight oats for my breakfast in the morning. They are a yummy way to kick start your day with a boost of energy. And yes I have lots of recipes on my Pinterest for those as well. Eating healthy is delicious and your body will thank you for it. Don't use it as a garbage can...its not one. It's the only body you have, so take care of it. You get more miles out of a car that you take care of regularly don't you? Well its the same concept, but in years. Your body keeps an accurate journal of what you eat regardless of whether you write it down or put it in your journal. You can't fool your body, so why fool your mind? Change your mind first, then your body will change.

I'm excited to get my nutribullet in a month and a half or so!! It's a food processor and a blender! I'm going to use it to make Reilynn's baby food too in a couple of months when she's ready for solids. Then I'll be able to have smoothies too and have tons of delicious meals by doing that. And yes, I have a board on Pinterest for smoothies too! Lol anyway, you got this! Let's do this together!! We do it together, we can't fail! Quitting is not an option at this point. You already made your commitment to getting healthy. So did I. We can definitely do this. Until next time!

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