Sunday, July 15, 2012


Okay I forgot to post on here after I weighed myself yesterday! Well a few days ago I had weighed myself and it was 159.5 =[ two pounds more than when I started. Then when I weighed myself yesterday, I looked down at the scale and 156.5!! I was so excited! So I'm finally getting the hang of eating right.

I treated myself by going out in the heat to the track at the local middle school for my running/walking exercise and sweating my rear-end off. It was awesome! Since it's not advised to run every day since you are breaking down muscle as you run, I'm going to walk on the days I don't run, that way I don't start getting lazy. I'm doing really good so far (granted it's only been a week) but for me I usually would have given up by this point. So if you're like me and can't stick to much, you can do it! I mean take a look at me! I AM!!! =]

So off I go to make my yummy breakfast =] It is possible to eat healthy and get full. Some people don't realize that. Especially if you are always drinking water. That helps too.

Comments are always welcome!

Stay Fit!


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