Thursday, July 12, 2012

Working out

Ok I heard about this great website called and I'm going to try it! It's a 9 week program that gradually helps you start running from the couch to 5k. So what that means is, you're a couch potato like I was right? Well this program will make it super simple for you to get into running. You can also google couch to 5k and it should come up.

I'm going to try it. I think it's a really good plan! So far I've been walking every other day, making my distance a little longer each day. I hope this works! I've always envied the girls that I see running through the neighborhood and I think to myself, "Ugh, I wish I could do that!" well, now I am! That's going to be another one of my goals! To run a 5k. =]

Always drink plenty of water!
God bless!


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