Thursday, December 31, 2015

Taking Those First Baby Steps!

I'm back and Happy New Year! So far so good with me staying pretty on track! I've taken the first steps to this amazing journey and it's so exciting that it has already started, so now, just like a work out, I need to continue on until its over and where I want to be in my life.

So far I have done arm day and ab day. Always start out with some light stretching and then some light cardio to get your heart going and blood pumping! Cardio helps burn the fat, and strength exercises help to build the muscle that way your metabolism stays higher even when your body is resting.

I am making my motivation pounds chart for my place tonight once I'm off work! I'm so ready to start crossing off those pounds one at a time to keep myself on track. I will take and post the picture of it next week once I'm back at work.

As are those before pictures...yikes.

This is not how I want to look ever again. And I won't. I've already made the first step to change, which the first step to solving any problem or addiction is acknowledgment. And that is exactly what I've done. Now I took those photos yesterday, so my body is already making small changes, so therefore I don't even look like the pictures 100% anymore. I mean this is how I see it:

I'm not this big to begin with, but it's the concept. I will get there!!

Every single day counts. Every single day your body is changing. I'm not sure if that's more for me or you there...

Something else that helps keep you motivated, FRIENDS!!!! I work out with my friend Sara, and we make dinner together. My friend Stephanie and I are comparing foods that we eat and both have the MyFitnessPal app that we keep track of each others progress. I also am part of a post pregnancy weight loss group on Facebook that I've been following and posting in. (Shout out to you ladies if you're reading this!!) My friend Alyx's mom is a nutritionist and personal trainer so she said she would give me some kick ass workouts and food advice and I'm going to go to kick boxing with her too. I'm so excited!!

I can't wait for summer. I don't think I've said that in almost 10 years. I will be looking better this summer than I have in a very long time, and I can hardly wait!! Working out hard now will produce results later. Starting slow of course and working myself up to much harder and longer workouts! I will be able to confidently wear a bikini again. Even if I only lose 30 of the 55 lbs I want to.

All in all though, if I don't get to the exact weight I would like to, I will be okay with that. As long as the reason is that I just have so much muscle that I weigh more! haha

My starting weight is 175. I am 5'3. My goal weight is 120. Ideally I would like to achieve this within the next 12 months, but it's a slow process so I will be satisfied if I can do it in a year and a half to make sure the weight comes off naturally and safely. If it comes off faster I will be very excited and happy about that too! I just want to make sure its permanent this time. I NEVER want to be where I am again. I vowed to get in shape after Sunnie was born and that's what I finally need to do. I am done having kids so I really want to get in shape now.

I'm planning on starting a detox next week. Looking up good detox drink recipes to really kick start the weight loss and help with bloating. Of course there will be pictures and such to show you how I make it etc. It's not going to be a diet solution for me, just a detox to really get my body going I guess haha

Keep up on those food diaries folks!! What have you done today that was a better decision than yesterday?? How is your water intake?? WE CAN DO THIS!!!

As always, comments and questions are welcome and encouraged!!

Until next year!


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