Friday, March 4, 2016

Still Going Strong!

HEY!!!! It's been FOREVER since I've posted! Like a month!!! How crazy is that? Anyway, it has been a crazy ride so far. I am still eating healthy and haven't been working out....that's right. I haven't been working out. I was pushing myself too hard and my knees have been hurting like a mother lately so I haven't worked out in like a month almost. Don't judge me. haha 

ANYWAYYYYY I am finally going to post some progress pictures. I am down 19 lbs since December 29th as of Friday morning. That's right, almost 20 lbs!!! I honestly couldn't see a difference in myself looking in the mirror. I didn't think I was losing anything, but I haven't given up.

I splurge and eat chocolate. I drink wine. I eat bread and pasta. But then I balance it out with protein and veggies and fruit too. I don't over eat, and I watch my calorie intake. I don't beat myself up if I have a bad day. I gave up on trying to drop 60 pounds in 6 months! LOLLLL!!! I was on something there. I would rather do it slow and keep it off than try and beat myself up and be miserable for 6 months.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to drop the weight in 6 months and have no more worries about my weight and then I wouldn't have to worry about dropping that 60 pounds anymore!!

But as I promised....Here are the before and during pictures....


So yeah... apparently there really is a difference! haha and that is just with portion control and counting calories. Since I've had a lot of pain in my knees I haven't been working out. But now that I am down to my post baby weight from when Sunnie was born back in 2008, I can really focus on getting down to the 120 pounds that I want to be at for my ultimate goal!!! I am going to start working out again this week now that things are starting to finally calm down for me and I'll have the time. I want to make sure my knees aren't still hurting like they were before too.

It's been 65 days since I started this journey. 65 days that I've started to better myself and get healthier for me and my kids. I have never stuck with a weight loss routine this long before and that gives me hope for myself haha I am seeing results and it is really working! I am thankful I am so busy because it doesn't give me time to think about how fat I feel or that I'm not seeing results as fast as I want to.

Well like I've said before, slow progress IS progress. I am so excited for this summer. I will be the smallest I've been in years and once the gym really starts paying off, everyone will be able to see the progress that I've made.

So another thing I am going to try out is It Works! The wraps, fat fighters, and Berry Greens detox drink. I am very excited for these to come in the mail in the next couple of weeks! I totally wish I had the fat fighters over the weekend though. I had beer and cookies and then pizza for my sisters confirmation! YIKES!!! But I am back on the horse today though. 

I bought a zoo pass on Sunday and will be utilizing that a lot this year! We went to the zoo and walked over 2 miles! It was a lot of fun. Reilynn loved the aquarium and Sunnie wanted to stay all day! We are going to go back in a couple of weeks and try to go all day and get even more exercise in, plus it wears the kids out and they sleep all day when we get home.

Today's breakfast was Chobani "Flip" PB&J. 200 calories of delicious!! Lunch is going to be 12 oz Vanilla almond milk, I'm using Silk which is 90 calories per 8 oz, 2 tbsp of PB2, a tablespoon of chia seeds and a scoop of EAS soy chocolate protein powder. I'm not sure what we're having for dinner tonight. Probably something with the ground turkey that I have sitting in my freezer. I'm thinking maybe a scramble! Some free range eggs and some ground turkey with some organic veggies thrown in to top it off. Lots of protein and healthy yumminess! Plus, Sunnie will love it :)

Something that I've started doing is having Sunnie help me in the kitchen when we're making dinner. I let him crack eggs into a bowl and check for shells, and he will help me whisk them to scramble them too. He likes helping me open cans, and he helps throw all of the trash away while we're cooking. It's a great way to have him help me get dinner ready so he feels included and it's good cooking experience for when he grows up! Another plus is that he will grow up to know how to cook healthy meals for not only himself but his family as well.

Anyway! Enough for today.

Comments questions, concerns??

Leave em for me!

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