Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have you ever wanted to try it?

Okay I know, I know, you hate the sales pitch. I do too. SO I'm not going to give you one. I'm going to show you my results. That's it. I have been using It Works! lately too. The Cleanse is my absolute favorite. I also have been using the Fat Fighters and Thermofit and I LOVE them! Seriously my products sell themselves. I just share with you what I do and then if you want to try them out you can always go to my website and sign up as a Loyal Customer and make the first step towards your goals. I want to help you. So PLEASE ask me.

Okay so here are some results from me using the products. This first picture is me using the cleanse:

I'm seriously in love with this stuff. It tastes great and seriously helps you drop weight like nobody's business. This is after my first cleanse:

How freaking cool is that??? I dropped 5.5 lbs with that. NO you don't have to be on the toilet the whole time, and no you don't have to carry around an extra pair of underwear. Yikes. I don't know anyone who would want to. Why would you risk taking anything like that? Oh yeah I'm losing weight but I also can't wear white pants either. No thank you.

The Fat Fighters are also white pants approved!! They absorb 70% of carbs and 30% of your carbs from the biggest meal of the day. Take those with the Thermofit and you have a recipe for success. The Thermofit speeds up your metabolism and reduces cravings. It burns almost 300 extra calories a day and who doesn't want that??

This picture right here:

These are my results after 4 wraps. Just 4. And in between the wraps, I use the Defining Gel. I love the products. I understand if your skeptical. I was too.

Hollaa! These results make me so happy!!! You can get them too. Seriously. Keep it up!

Okay anyway. Let me know if you have any questions on that. I would be MORE than willing to help you out.

So. This morning I had a smoothie when I woke up. Milk, half a banana, a few strawberries, some blueberries, and blackberries. Some Greek yogurt, and a little bit of honey. It was amazing! Oh and chia seeds. Gotta add that fiber in there too :)

Lunch I had a turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread and the other half of my banana and a half a cup of cottage cheese,

For dinner I am making avocado and spinach stuffed chicken breasts. I can't wait!!! I love food. There is a big misconception behind food too. That you have to eat less to lose weight. NOT true. You actually need to eat more. But the right food. Good food. Healthy food.

Let me know if you have any questions!!!


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